The SS 2017 Collection

For the summer 2017 prêt-à-porter de Luxe Collection, Barbara Di Lorenzo and Joseph N Everett explore the movement of the air where vaporous, swirling streams of smoke are translated into delicate embroideries and an innovative mix of materials. Organza ruffles trimmed with silk thread imitate fuming airwaves; prints full of colors create illusion Butterflies wings. Hundreds of meters silk fabric gradate into ombré hemlines: a dreamy mist. The Josephine Bonair’s team gives his Collection an ethereal feel inspired by Africa’s colors, Symbols, Marine and Metropolitan movements: highly crafted pastel blue , grey, green and lilac stripes give lightness and volume to the feminine figures. Josephine Bonair offers us for the summer of 2017 a moving flow of silhouettes, a fantasy dance of a mystical whirlwind.

Josephine Bonair's Team

Sometimes in the flow of life passages and dreams connect. Thanks to a mutual angel that guided their destiny towards each other Their both at that moment in their life's searching a new future and new challenge.Having the same passion and mutual taste in creation and inspirations. So working on this gift of life they created for a women not afraid to show her beauty her soul her sensuality. A women who likes to change the air of her femininity. Beauty - internal & external -Sensuality - inner confidence of being a women of Desire - Femininity - FEMME.


Barbara Di Lorenzo, creative director of Josephine Bonair, was born in Italy in the 70’s. Born to designer Loretta di Lorenzo was raised amidst the arts. This is where Barbara discovered her love of color, design, material and fashion. After graduating in the arts and interior design, she developed a firm named Emotional Designer. A professional firm made of professional and specialized team of interior design. In 2013 between her love for fashion and femininity bought her to create the line, Josephine Bonair where the new air of fashion was born among Art Gallerias and VIPS clients. Barbara is an excellent cook, she prepares aN OutStanding Caesar Salad!


Joseph Nicolas Everett is the new collaborator of Josephine Bonair. Born in Canada to Waterbird Elisabeth Redgun of the Sisika First Nation – Blackfoot. At a very early age he discovered one of his passions in life -Fashion -Apprenticing and collaboration moved his dream from Canada to Paris to the house of Hanai Mori Haute Couture. After 2 years of working in house, Emerged his first collaboration that lasted 24 years With business partner Carmelo Spiteri. They developed a bureau de style having clients as: Louis Feraud Louis Feraud set Guy Laroche And other fashion houses. After designing and creating Didier Parakian that lasted 22 years of success, all this added to the knowledge and passion to move forward to a new collaboration & partnership with Barbara Di Lorenzo in moving forward a new Josephine Bonair.